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CityMaaS is a fast growing tech start up that delivers inclusive technology for the disabled community. They work hard to bridge the gap between businesses and the disabled community which is a sector worth over £274B.

CityMaaS approached Tribalheart to work on a digital strategy but after the brand audit the entire process of rebranding, website, digital strategy and social media strategy was awarded. 


As CityMaaS are a leading technology startup that creates cutting edge technology through coding the idea that a new code is being created by CityMaaS emerged from the strategy. 


Mission: To create a more inclusive world

Promise: Using cutting edge technology CityMaaS would bridge the gap between businesses and the disabled community

Tagline: The Code For Mobility



We created and initiated:

  • Rebranding

  • Website architecture and design

  • Brand Architecture

  • Customer Journeys

  • Social media Strategy

  • Digital Strategy


The initial logo worked so the rest of the brand architecture was built to create a synergy between the main brand and products. 



Although a recent project in 2020, CityMaaS has already started to see growth through social media and investors are talking to CityMaaS to take them to the next level.  

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CITY MAAS Logo Full Vertical.png
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