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DMC worldwide, a global product development, sales channel marketer and supply chain management company, came to us with a brilliant idea: social eReading —   the world’s first family of eReading devices, social network and marketplace all in one. 


With the right foundation, DMC’s idea would challenge the traditional model of reading and content consumption, transforming it from a solitary experience into a collective endeavor. However, the competition in this space was significant. In addition to a number of ubiquitous social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, we had to compete with Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple on the grounds of ecommerce and innovation. 


Whereas many branding efforts are built on existing foundations, we had the opportunity start fresh. And with complete creative control over product and brand development, we could ensure our brand promise came to life in the final product.


The creative challenge was to think of something clear and simple, yet disruptive and hard-hitting enough to garner and maintain attention.


Position: shared discovery

Mission: to create meaningful interaction between the widest range of people and a world of digital content

Promise: empower users to discover and experience new and meaningful content through each other

Name: Copia

Tagline: Read Better Together


Our philosophy: every point of interaction is an opportunity to tell the brand story, from error pages on the website to battery-charging screens on eReaders to trade show booths.


On top of the Copia brand architecture, we created and initiated:

  • Company and product names

  • Website architecture and design

  • eReader experiences

  • Trade show materials

  • Strategic partnerships

  • Traditional and digital advertising


In developing the brand, the logo and assets were designed to reflect Copia’s mission, and the depth and multiplicity of the Copia experience. The perfect circle of the “O” in Copia and the colorful, dimensional particles are direct references to the amount of content Copia promises to deliver as well as the cyclical nature of the relationship of readers to content and content to community and both to commerce.



Copia received a clear-cut and well-defined brand image capable of stretching across all the touch points Tribalheart is delivering. From the iPad and Windows 7 Phone to the electronic trade shows and events, the Copia image will transcend across every possible format.

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