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A bit more pressure can be good for you

In the right amount and under the right circumstances pressure can create all the right elements for you to create a lifestyle that you always dreamed of. If you think of what a diamond goes through before it becomes a diamond you will understand what I mean, although you will not need to wait thousands of years for it to happen in your life.

I recently came home from work and was very tired after getting the children off to sleep. Sat on the sofa I began to watch Top Gear, a British TV show about cars, well I say cars it’s really like watching three of your best mates make an ass out of themselves but you understand what I mean. The Top Gear team always has a guest on the show that takes a reasonably priced car around their track in the hope of becoming the fastest star on the show. It really is a funny show and I often watch it with my kids who love it.

The guest who was on this day was Will-I-Am of Black eyed peas fame. All I knew of Will-I-Am was really what I had seen him do with the Black eyed peas. I did know he produced music as well but during the interview I was completely stunned by the amount of things the man does. In fact Jeremy Clarkson, the Top Gear main host, introduced Will-I-Am as the hardest workingman in showbiz. Now Jeremy Clarkson is rarely in awe of many guests as he is a major celebrity himself who has cut his trade by being brutally honest about everyone and everything. But you could clearly see the respect Jeremy had for this man.

Jeremy Clarkson started reading out some of the things that Will-I-Am does on top of being part of the record breaking pop group the Black Eyed Peas. It began; Record producer, songwriter, fashion designer, car designer, charity organizer and so on. Will-I-Am sat, almost embarrassed by the list of things that were being read out. When taking about the charity aspect Jeremy asked Will-I-Am why he was doing all of these things. On the charity aspect Will-I-Am talked about his roots, where he came from and the initiative he created to create jobs in that area. He said, “It’s one thing to get out of the ghetto, but it’s another thing to go back and help.” and he continued talking about all the people he felt deserved his help as they were part of his success.

When asked how he manages to do all the things he does Will-I-Am just looked at Jeremy and said, “To put yourself under pressure and do more things is the best way of getting the best out of yourself.” he continued, “Whether that is one thing or a multitude of things depends on the individual but I want to do everything I can with every minute I am alive.” With my newfound respect for Will-I-Am it made me look at myself. It certainly is a great way to look at life and something that got me off the couch and joined Bit Rebels as a guest writer.

I have been a fan of Bit Rebels for a long time and often wished I had the time to write for them. But by throwing myself into this, like Will-I-Am, I am actually really enjoying the extra creative outlet. I know you will probably say that you just don’t have time, I know, I said it myself, but the truth is by doing this it helps add another level of focus to your mind and the pressure actually sharpens your mind. Most advertising agencies I have worked in have created the best work when they were completely swamped with work. When they had free time the work was just average. You are a diamond waiting to shine and all you need is the right kind of pressure to become every part of your potential.

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