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A campaign to make a real difference

Advertising gets criticism sometimes for the way it acts by people who see the business in one perspective. But for me the industry is one I love and enjoy every day I go into the office. Every day is different and the challenge of competition that comes from within the agency but also against yourself is one that makes it extremely exciting for me. I work for Y&R in the Middle East, and have nothing personally to do with this idea, but feel passionate enough about it to do what I can to help. The idea is that they created a #hastag (# a hashtag is a way of creating a single topic, or trend as it’s called on Twitter, and allowing people to insert this # symbol to group all the comments about that topic) The # was called #warmupcamden. They have created a website where you see a few warm hearted folk knitting scarves.

These are not just ordinary scarves though. The scarves are created by selecting the best phrases on Twitter that are written with #warmupcamden. These scarves will be given away to the people on the streets who are facing the toughest winter in England for some time. A wonderful idea to help homeless people in a small way. The website where you can see the live cam of people making the scarves and a constant stream of twitter phrases is called Twitter Knitter. Please have a look and if you are on Twitter do all you can to help, who knows maybe your message will appear on a scarf.

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