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A parents challenge

I would walk through hell to find you. I would march against the world to protect you. I would sacrifice myself, to give you one more day of sunshine. And, I would throw caution to the wind, if it meant bringing beauty within your world. If an obstacle appeared on your horizon, I would break it down or carry you over. Even for only one second of joy and happiness. I would never let another take away your sunshine. And I would bring the rain when you needed refreshing. But, my children, the hardest thing to do is to help you learn the real lessons in life. Where I need to stand back so you experience loss, pain and failure. For who am I to take away the most valuable lessons in life. Lessons you will need to know when you walk through the shadows of life, after I am gone. Know this though my child; I have faced death in my life. I have faced fear that I hope to god, you never face. Know that nothing, nothing is as hard to do as a parent and not be able to help you. It is something that is harder to do than anything in life. Sometimes the greatest gift I can give, is to do nothing. But nothing breaks my heart. because you are everything to me.

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