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A step in the right direction

Sometimes life can be intimidating. We can stand on the edge of opportunity and procrastinate about the possibilities knowing that one step forward could achieve every dream we ever desired, yet we also think of failure, and that is what holds us back. In times like this you must be brave, you must believe in yourself and you must never, never be afraid to fail. Because even if you fail you will learn something about yourself, you will learn something about your reactions in that situation and you will become a stronger person for the experience.

My father always told me as a young boy, no matter what decision you make, no matter what the outcome, it was the right decision for you at the moment in time. He also would say that from any situation you can see new opportunities and sometimes failure is the universe way of opening your eyes to the real opportunity that will make you happy. So, he would say, keep moving forward, there are no wrong steps in your path, just stepping stones to self discovery and success. So step forward today, start the momentum towards your destiny as it may be only a step away or it may be two or more, but either way, you are going in the right direction.

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