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Accept the changes that you face in life

The problems we face in life can be devastating at the time. They can rip out our heart and leave us floundering in a fog that can last for days, if not longer. But often when we look back we notice the bigger picture, or the lessons we learned and have a positive feeling about something that, at the time, was very traumatic for us as an individual. I know, I have faced many demons in my life, and my life has taken many twists and turns that I didn’t understand at the time.

So even though I cannot prevent things coming into my life that change my direction, I have learned to accept them, at least I try to anyway. Because I realize that every bump in the road is not a full stop in a sentence. It is not an exclamation mark that screams for my entire life to freeze. Because life goes on, and that’s a fact. So I now see these bumps in the road, more as commas in a sentence. A pause to stop and reflect, before continuing on with my journey. I also know that after these commas in my life, I can write the rest of the sentence. I can use what happened before and create a better ending to that part of my life. It is my story, I am the author of which I am writing a classic and I am already writing the next chapter.

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