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Actions really do speak louder than words

We say we are advanced and civilized, but our actions often speak otherwise. We say we are humane and caring, yet we witness cruelty and heartache on almost a daily basis. We say we want to be better at what we do in our lives, yet sometimes we do nothing to change our reality, other than talking about it a little more. If we are to change anything in our world it is great to talk about how we can help. Yet nothing ever changed from talking, only the action that followed it made the difference.

I am not saying that talking isn’t important, it is. In fact, it is the beginning of action but is only relevant, only powerful and only does the effort; time and momentum built from talking become valuable if it is followed by action. Dr Martin Luther King’s ‘Dream speech’ would never have resonated through time had people not had the courage to act on it. John F Kennedy’s speech of ‘we choose to go to the moon’ speech would have been typical political posturing had the people behind the scenes spent years experimenting to make the unbelievable possible.

It is great to talk. It is great to discuss. It is important to have your say and listen to others. But be the one that makes the transition from thinking it can happen, to making it happen. Have a creative day.

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