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All roads lead to your destiny, but which journey will you take?

Standing at a crossroads you can see down one path clearly. A progressive, stable and assured journey with the occasional bump in the road. You know that the lights are clear, signs are present and everything will be predictable, for the most part. It’s a path that continues straight from where you have been walking for a while. In this day and age it is something to be extremely grateful for as so many people around the world face difficulties on the career and life fronts. So it’s a path full of benefits that should never be taken for granted. Then of course, you look down a different path and the picture is very different.

The path you see in a different direction is shrouded in mystery and promise. There are no guarantees, in fact it is a risk, Not a risk where everything you own is at stake but you know if you enter this path it could set you back if it turns into a dead end. But even though the actual path is clouded in mystery and no lights brighten the path, you can see the destination and it’s promise is something you never believed possible in all your wildest dreams. So faced with this what do you do?

Personally, I have walked that darkened path many times in my life. Currently I am eternally grateful for where I am and what I have. But failure is not something that has ever deterred me from trying something, in fact out of failure I have been taught my biggest and most valuable lessons. So, with that in mind, I am stepping once more into the shadows of uncertainty, but my steps are assured, my lessons learned and most of all, my heart filled with optimism.

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