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Are you magicle*?

My seven-year-old daughter used this as the headline to her letter to Santa that she spent her evening working on yesterday. The spelling mistake of ‘magical’ was secondary to a wonderful insight into a child’s mind that became clear in the way she progressed through her letter. In an almost apologetic manner she asked for, “What ever you can bring me.” before cleverly listing ‘things I would like’ in hope more than pressure of what she wanted for Christmas. But this lovely little message was just one of many that decorated her hand written letter to Santa.

Another question brought a smile to my face as you realize the thoughts that must go through a child’s mind. The question was “How old are you?” followed beautifully by the line ‘I believe you’ (meant to be I believe in you) This letter took me back to all those wonderful memories I have of being a child that seem to grow more and more distant as I grow older. It seems to take little moments like this that transport you back to those times that were just, well, magical!

Of course the list on the back of the letter, just in case you need help Santa! Is filled with what children all over the world must be looking for, an iphone, bike, scooter and my favorite, a small doll of you Santa! Today we are mailing the letter to Santa in the North Pole, but I have a sneaky feeling that, for the most part, she will be happy with what Santa brings her this year! I wish you all a wonderful lead up to Christmas. May it bring you all you want and give you the greatest start to the year 2012, which I hope is everything you wish for and more.

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