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Be original, that’s what you were born to be

Some say that the date today is lucky. Some see it as nothing more than another sunday they need to get through. For me I think it’s interesting that the date can spark such a difference of opinion. In the UAE I am sure there will be many launches done today of products or malls or something else. Last year the metro was launched on the date 9/9/9 and that seemed to trigger the followers in this country to start feverishly planning about what they could do this year.

But remember that a follower is merely a follower and you will not have the same impact as the leader nor will you generate as much attention, certainly not positive anyway. A lesson in brand communication really, don’t copy what others are doing if you want people to put their hand in their pocket for money. No matter what you do, be original and be yourself. The world needs more leaders. Have a creative day.

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