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Be the best that you can

I had a small conversation with my 8 year old son today. He is very worried about a spelling test as he kept getting a few words wrong every time. He asked me if I would be disappointed if he didn’t get 10/10. I sat with him and explained what he had got and how he can remember to try to make sure he gets them right in his test.

After this I still noticed that he looked a little worried so I gave him some advice I remembered my father gave me when I was young. I told him, “Not everyone can be the best at what they do, but you can always try to be the best that YOU can be.” I told him as long as he tries his best that is all I, and his mother, can ask for. I think he understood because he gave me a bigger hug before I left and seemed to be a bit happier at the prospect he faced that day.

Hope you enjoy todays collection of inspiration below. Have a creative day.

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