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Beyond Your Fear Is A Whole New You

We all have fear about something in our lives. Whether it is rejection, loss, failure or a number of any other emotions that are like anchors dragging behind us and holding us back from doing what we want in life. Some fears are all encompassing and literally become so much of our personality that the fear becomes what we live every day, pushing away friends and family or polluting the possibility of creating new friends and seeing new opportunities.

The sad part of this is the fact if you push past the fear you will see an entirely different world. Not only externally, but also internally as well. Many people with a simple fear of spiders for example have confronted this and have gone on to realize that many of the things they fear are not quite the mountains they have created in their minds. These people have gone on to do things that before conquering one single fear would have seemed impossible. But we know that impossible is nothing, especially when we believe in ourselves.

You would be surprised how a small step in the right direction can make every step thereafter seem as though you are walking downhill. Nothing is harder than overcoming that first fear, yet once it’s done we always look back and wonder, ‘Why did it take me so long to do that?’

Another side to this story is when people say they don’t know what they want to do in life. This is simply untrue as deep down somewhere inside you is a dream or idea you have and you want more than anything but the fear of it not working or people saying you cannot do it is causing this dream to be buried deep within your soul, almost forgotten.

Do you honestly believe that every author is the best writer? Or that every artist finds it easy to paint? Do you believe that every entrepreneur has had it easy on the way to becoming successful? No of course not, as every single one of them knew what they wanted and regardless of what anyone said started a journey of overcoming that fear. The people that supported them are the people they knew they needed in their lives, the ones that didn’t were quickly forgotten.

Look around now and you will realize that there is nothing stopping you doing whatever you desire. Just start towards that dream, little by little, step by step. One day you will look back in pride at the person you are today, because it is you, right now, that is in control of what you will achieve in the future.

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