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Brands connect with people on an emotional level

When creating or communicating a brand things have changed drastically over the last twenty years. It used to be that a brand, or product, would need to communicate a difference in quality that was available when purchased. With a lack of parity across many categories the world of brands have moved into defining lifestyles that the brand creates or is included into. Buying a coca cola is no longer about a refreshing drink, it is a statement of all goodness and tradition, a brighter side of life or the coke side of life whereas Pepsi are, and always have been, about the now generation.

Brands now look to create a way of life for you, almost a philosophy of empowerment to achieve greater things. The obvious issue will be when all brands associate themselves this way will be the need for one unique brand to do something different. Ying whilst all the other followers Yang. As it stands now any brad that is just a product gets left on the shelf whilst products like Dove, with it’s campaign for real beauty, connect with people on an emotional level that truly drives brand association and love. A wonderful campaign that taps into feelings of men and women all over the world about the perpetuation of the fashion industry to reach unrealistic goals of beauty. Where brands go from here is the multi million dollar question but this is what makes the communication, design and brand industries so interesting is the competitive nature that drives every individual within. For a brand that is not top of mind becomes tomorrows history. Have a creative day.

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