Chaos: The universal call of change

From love to fear, creativity and structure a sense of chaos seems to be part of who we are. Even when we are at our most organized, a small aspect of our world can tip the scales into chaos once more. When you think about it, it is natural that chaos is part of our lives. In the grand scheme of things we are still very, very young as a civilization and we were born out of the chaos that is the planet we call home. From it’s chaotic fiery beginning, the earth has gradually settled into the utopia we call home, yet occasionally it reminds us of how fragile we are.

We have the major moments in our world, natural disasters and man made mistakes that reverberate throughout history, but also there are the small, almost minute instances that chaos is just part of who we are. For no reason we can suddenly feel upset. We can react badly to something on most occasions we would not. In love we are at our peak yet this balance is always in flux and possibly at its most raw, when for reasons we cannot explain, it just stops. And chaos reigns again. But out of every single moment of chaos comes new beginnings and glimpses of promise. The way the world has reacted to helping New Zealand and China for example shows even the biggest sceptic that love still reigns in our world, and when called upon, we do deliver.

So next time chaos pays a visit to your doorstep, do not look on it as an unwelcome guest. More so, look at it as the universe shaking away the debris of your life, awakening your very soul and leading you onto a new, brighter path. The earth was once a fiery rock of molten lava but became a beautiful paradise we call home. For chaos rules within everything and we cannot stop the process, but we can see the positives that it brings, even if at the time it isn’t pleasant. Have a creative day.

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