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Childhood Is The Great Migration That You Must Be An Individual To Survive

Every person is born an individual, unlike anyone else on earth. We have traits of our parents DNA that we mix with our own personality to create someone totally unique in this universe. As a child we are told to touch this, feel that, experience everything you can to grow and learn about the world that surrounds you. Then society jumps in when we go to school and tramples down any individuality stating we must conform, we must act this way, a drawing has to look like this and god forbid that you are not like the other kids a whole new world of pain and hatred comes tumbling towards you.

Unfortunately society seems to accentuate this moral standing by going along with what is perceived ‘normal.’ The media corporations make millions based on lifting up people in the papers only so they can tear them down in equal ferocity. When children see this kind of behavior and our acceptance of it then obviously they are going to single out individuals who have a different hobby, interest or are just not as willing to follow the social herd along the path of boring uniformity.

Why is that when we finally escape the clutches of the school system that we suddenly begin to realize the all the things we suppressed in the name of being perceived as ‘normal’ are the things that make us happy? Why are we not doing more to help children during this period of their lives? What sort of educational system are we building that does little to help encourage greatness of individuals that we look at as brilliant pioneers of history? Can you imagine a person like Andy Warhol in one of our schools today? I doubt the kid would survive 4th grade!

As a human being your mission on this planet, no matter whether you are religious, spiritual or any other belief system, is to find your own way on this planet. Do the things you want to do and never listen to the sheep that bleat about what is normal, because there is no such thing. Even those sheep, deep down inside, wish they could be free from the shackles of the mob rule we currently force our youth to endure. Never let that individual spirit go, never let the things that make you happy leave your grasp and never, never do things purely because others do not understand or think are not the social norm.

Love the music you love, love the interest you love and pursue them with all your passion and virtue, because one day you will be free from the pack and will be applauded for being unique. The only difference is that you have not become unique, on the contrary you have managed to survive what is the human version of the Savannah’s great migration, leave the herd to be caught by the crocodiles and lions that are manifestations of insecurity and today’s mob culture, whilst you enjoy the green lands of being able to stand out from the crowd. Free from the herd, free to be happy, free to be you.

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