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Comic Sans walks into a bar and the barman says, “We don’t serve your type here.”

This made me chuckle and I often think laughter can be just as powerful as an inspirational quote. In todays collection I am in love with the painting (fourth row on the left) I think it is because within all the chaos and power that each strikes obviously provides this piece of art but there is serenity in the face of the girl which makes for a captivating contrast. The minimal color palette is also something that appeals to me. I really do like this painting!

The Harvey Nichols ad is not by my agency Y&R but rather DDB in London. It is really nice with the women being depicted as a lightbulb and the men are ‘moths to the flame!’ is a wonderful insight. The other ad in this campaign was the women being a very sharp pin and the men balloons. Have a creative day.

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