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Dedicated to my friend Nasser

When it comes to life, most things are never as bad as they seem. Except when it comes to our health. Our health, which for much of our youth we often take for granted, is something that we cannot get back once it is gone. Having passed closely into the shadows of death myself, more than once, I am eternally grateful for the time I have to spend on this glorious planet.

I have a friend who is going hospital today for an operation and I pray all works out well for him. I know how much he craves to be behind a camera lens and if the operation he is having is not successful it may take away this joy in his life. I am sure that whatever happens is meant to be but I pray that he can still capture beautiful slices of life the way only he can. Nasser, today this post is dedicated to you. Good luck and god bless.

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