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Do not fear failure if you want to succeed

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The fear of failure has many names. You can call it procrastination if you want or any of the other countless names for not doing what you want to do in life. If you look at any successful person throughout history we always look at the accomplishments and the applause they have received for whatever they have done. But what few people realize is that for every success that, or any other, person has achieved they have failed countless times. But the difference between them and a person who doesn’t try is that they look at failure as a learning process and not the end.

In advertising I have won over 30 awards and I know many, many creatives I admire that have won a lot more, and at the major shows. Every single one of them, including me, has made some true howlers on work in the past. It sometimes even happens today but that is because if you want to grow, if you want to improve your abilities in anything in life; you have to accept failure as part of your training or learning, especially if you want to be the best you can possibly be at something.

Because we can all look at the best people in something we would like to achieve and say, “I’ll never be that good!” try saying to yourself that you will be as good as you can possibly be and that person is a person I will strive to be as good as. Be the best that YOU can be and you will soon find yourself growing at a rate you never dreamed you could. Be positive and take every failure as another valuable lesson on the road to success. Good luck, I for one, support you.

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