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Does your imagination rule your day?

I found myself in a supermarket queue of some length yesterday. You know where the other isles seem to be on fast forward, yet your line seems to be in a perpetual state of animation, moving in slow motion. Even sounds of the bar code reader bleeping seem to be dragging on for double the amount of time. Although none of the customers in front of me had much in their trolleys, the sudden realization on them that yes, indeed you must have your money ready to pay at the end, seemed a little hazy for them. I don’t get angry in these situations. I usually just drift off somewhere and let my imagination run wild on some topic. And yesterday was no different.

Looking at all the people in all of the queues, all waiting, each with their own agenda and level of impatience, I suddenly started noticing the differences in people. Big, small, thin, fat and all the other types of idiosyncrasies that make us who we are and I wondered, and don’t ask me why as this is just how my mind works and I have given up trying to figure that out myself as I just go with it now, if reincarnation were true and people were given a few choices on their appearance in their next life, how would they act? I am sure that every little insecurity that they had in life would be the one thing they would change. For example, if weight were an issue then a perfect figure would be requested regardless if this meant that your nose became bigger. So imagine if you are faced with the option where you could up or lower the level of importance on certain areas of your appearance, what would you change in the next life?

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