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Don’t get angry, get to work instead

How much time over the years have you lost being angry? I know I have probably wasted more time than most on things that have not helped me, caused me more stress and made life quite unbearable to those around me. I have always been the kind of person that over analyzes every conversation over and over again. I even do this when I have a good conversation but I still start nit picking on certain words and think ‘what did that really mean?’ What a complete waste of time. There is nothing I can do about the time I have lost, but there is something I can do in the future.

When something doesn’t go the way I want or expected now I feel this surge of emotion that I know is taking over me. The questions spinning around my head and it is a complete battle to keep this under control. I remember times being angry and having a feeling that I was watching some idiot completely implode in front of me. I seemed to have forgotten that I was actually driving that car into the wall. I know I will always face this as this is part of my personality, but that was just an excuse I used to use that made it easier to act this way. But over time I have learned to channel that energy into the right areas.

Imagine you are a rocket that is getting ready to launch and someone upsets you. You can spend the next hour, day or week burning off all your fuel so that by the time you do get around to launching yourself in one direction that you barely clear the launch tower. Or you can fire yourself into the stratosphere and see what the stars are really like when you are among them. Because, if you put only half of that energy into anything you want the things you could accomplish are unbelievable. So imagine what all of that energy will achieve when you focus it on a dream or goal you want to achieve. It will put everything into perspective, it will make everything worthwhile and it will do you more good than moping around sulking, like I used to do. Don’t get angry, get to work instead.

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