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Don’t hold back when painting the canvas of your life

Every decision in life you make is like a brush stroke on a canvas. You can be gentle and precise or chaotic and free but the result will be the same, unique. Only you can add paint to your canvas and only you choose the colours that are applied. Influences will affect your choice, but only if you let them. Not every stroke is noticeable to the external viewer but you know it is there, deep and with meaning, it has a purpose. Not every artist knows where the strokes will take them. Not every artist understands why they paint the way they do. We all start with a blank space, some have a beautiful white canvas whilst others start not quite so luckily, but life is not about where we start, it is about where we go.

The canvas of your life will hang in the halls of history when you are gone and people will wonder who you are, and what you did. For some it will be clear, for others it will not. Some will be classic and elegant with clearly defined lines from the path chosen by the artist. But others will be abstract but just as compelling. So within your life, just as in art, paint what is true to your heart and not what you want people to see, for only then will the masterpiece that is you reflect the wonderful spirit that resides within. Have a creative day.

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