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Don’t let life pass you by

We can often find ourselves as mere spectators to our own lives. Our commitments, responsibilities and the speed of life literally seem to switch us over to auto-pilot, and we just coast through life in a haze. There is nothing you should ever feel guilty about for doing this as, in my opinion, this often happens due to the fact you are putting other peoples interests before your own. Be it your daughter, son, wife, husband, ill relative or whatever, these are the best reasons and you should feel proud of yourself for being that kind of person. They are in fact very rare in this world.

But, and I say this to myself as much as anyone reading this post, there are rare things in our world that we must not lose sight of. It is not money, gold or diamonds. In fact it is not a material item at all. The most precious thing in our world comes in the shape of ‘opportunities.’ These most precious gifts must be grabbed by both hands and pour your heart into whatever that opportunity is for you. They come along so rarely, and no matter what commitments you may have, these will become your fuel to give more to the people you care about. You owe it to yourself, you deserve such opportunities and anyone, who cares anything for you, will be happy you are not just letting life pass you by. Go ahead, ‘seize your dreams!’

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