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Don’t let someone live rent free in your head

Take a look at the first image, “HOLDING A GRUDGE IS LETTING SOMEONE LIVE RENT FREE IN YOUR HEAD.” I love this! How true you give someone so much attention and time that has upset you. A great quote to help people move on and just let things go. The joke of the couple in bed having sex and the girl texting is just funny, so I had to include that. Nothing inspires more than something that puts a smile on your face.

Another favorite today is the poster for the Chicago Public Library. The one with the very large red letter A. It reads “A is the first letter of the alphabet. There are twenty-five more. The Chicago Public Library has all of them in some very interesting combinations.” What a lovely piece of writing and a striking poster as well. Hope these, and the rest, inspire you today. Have a creative day.

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