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Enjoy every shade of colour life holds

The path ahead is never clear, And we may also have some fear, But reach within your heart today, & tomorrow will be a better day.

We are all colours in the rainbow of life. We are bright and fresh whilst elements deep within are dark and mysterious. As we move through life our colours mix with others creating an aurora borealis in the universal sky. A blending of colour that shimmers through dimensions illuminating our very souls.

But with every positive and bright experience must be balanced with the opposite, this is the universal law. We cannot hide from what is destined to interact with us. We cannot run, for if we do, our colours flow thin and we fail to glow in the radiance of our potential.

If your colours are not as bright as they should be, they are not incandescent with hues of spectacular virtue, then it is time to mix your colours with the universe once more. It is time to blend your colours with those that create colours you only dreamed possible. The colour palette of life is full of millions of shades and they are yours to experience every single day.

Do not waste the potential your colour has, for every colour created holds every thing you could ever need to find joy and fulfillment, It’s time to dive in to a world of colour and never accept the grey mist of ordinary, ever again. You deserve nothing less and that is the universal truth.

Have a creative day.

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