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Every exit is an entrance to somewhere else

Many times through life we must focus on new beginnings rather than something coming to an end. Our life is full of chapters, some big some small, but all add up to create the person that is you. Every experience no matter what it holds for you will be a lesson for you to carry forward through the next journey. Sometimes in my life I see the path ahead and it stops me in my tracks, as situations in front suddenly make sense of all the little bumps and turns that came before, of which it puts a smile on my face and spring in my step.

Although certain experiences can be tough at the time I try, and that is easier said than done, to see the positives or to just go with the flow and see where each experience will take me. I am beginning to understand that not every door I see in front of me will even open, no matter how hard I knock I also know that when I am pushed through another door, through circumstances unknown to me, I do not cling to the door frame looking backwards, I just march on through and will take whatever is on the other side of the door with an open heart and mind.

As it is the doors I least wanted to walk through in the past that have turned out to be the best experiences I could have wished for. As one door closes, another opens and I will always try to leave with a smile and give thanks whilst be optimistic about what is on the other side, no matter what it brings.

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