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Every step forward is a leap of faith

The balance of good and bad is universal. It is the topic of countless wonderful novels, movies and plays. From the cosmic interplay of elements on the largest stage, to microscopic battles within your very soul, it rages on eternally.

Every step forward you make is fraught with treacherous temptation, that you feel will send you tumbling into the black hole of darkness and despair. But be brave. Be sure and confident that the direction you take will be full of happiness and joyful experiences. We are what we attract, that is the universal law.

And if, just if you do take a wrong step; Do not fear the drop, for it will open a path of light in front of you. Doors will open from failure, it will create windows of opportunity where you will be able to float on clouds of optimism and realize every dream, every goal and every ambition.

As wrong choices, if we learn from them, are the stepping-stones to success. So be sure of your steps, be true to who you are and be everything you can be as your next step could be the leap of faith that tips the scales in your favor.

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