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Facing the conflict within our own mind

Do your dreams feel trapped within your mind? Are they bursting at the seams to escape the confines of your inner subconscious? I once read that our dreams are ideas we have when we are not putting up barriers and reasons why it will not work, or more damagingly why I cannot do it. We all face this conflict on a daily basis, but there are some dreams we have that just keep banging on the door of your heart, screaming for your attention. And if the heart doesn’t listen the idea or dream tries your brain and then the very core of your being, your soul.

For a dream you have, unless attempted, will never go away. When we were born everything was possible. We were told touch this, feel that, taste everything. Until of course we get to the age where we are told ‘don’t touch this, that or the other.’ And the barriers begin to be built in our minds. But no matter the conditioning we face, the teaches we are taught it is human instinct to want to explore. The exploration of our dreams is what every great person in history did differently from you or me today.

They were no better in any way, no more privileged, no more capable than anyone else. But they listened and then the acted. They didn’t always succeed, but the ones they didn’t achieve no longer knocked on the doors of their soul, but they made room for the dreams they did achieve. So make sure you make room for every dream by trying to activate, and maybe even realize, the ones currently knocking on your heart.

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