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For every grain of sand on our planet there is a star, like our sun, in the universe.

I heard this, not for the first time, on Discovery Channel last night. The sheer number is just impossible for anyone to grasp. Think of one handful of sand and how many grains that must contain, it sends your mind spinning with the possibilities and consequences that makes for us. The question of “Are we alone?” must quickly become, with these statistics, “How can we not be alone?” If there is nothing in the great expanse of our universe it becomes a huge waste of space.

Professor Steven Hawkins said, “If there are other civilizations out there, we would probably do better to avoid contact with them. As they are more likely to be more advanced than us and he compared it to the pilgrims landing on the shores of America.” Quite a timely quote and an interesting thought, until he added, “The reason I say avoid contact is because that meeting between the Pilgrims and Native Americans didn’t turn out to be very good for the Native Americans!”

So with all the excitement comes a touch of danger, but isn’t that what makes every adventure so special? The unknown of what will happen. I know the circumstances here are life and death but doesn’t it put into perspective our own challenges we face? Surely we do not face life and death every day, so if there is an adventure you were looking to pursue, just go for it! Have a creative day.

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