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Fuel the spark of dreams that lie within you

A change is as good as a rest, they say. Getting stuck in a rut can really destroy your moral and spirit as it takes away any sort of natural decision making, and therefore creative thinking. I do not believe that only artists, designers and people with creative occupations are the only creative ones. We are all creative by nature as it is part of what has helped us evolve over the years. It is this creative spirit that has forged new inventions, created new industries, created new materials and many more advances that we see in our daily lives, but there is more.

If we listen to the suggested opinions of people we hear that this person fits this box, that person fits that box and so on. But then you read the story about the person who created something spectacular and no one saw it coming. The only difference is choice of what you do with your time. Ability accounts for a certain part of what people achieve, but many of the people who do create, succeed and achieve in life are rarely the most natural gifted or talented people.

It comes down to the drive and desire to achieve something better. The spark that you feel deep within in you yearning for more. Do not ignore it, do not allow others to dampen it, instead feed it with every dream and wish that inspires you to never give in, never stop and never cease until you realize you have surpassed every dream and desire you ever dreamed. So what happens then? Well then, you dream more!

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