Happiness is a full time job

The easy way out of anything is to be upset and miserable. To see the brighter side of life takes a concerted effort on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, this message is probably more to me than anyone. It has taken me a while to pick up the pieces of a failed business to really see all the things I did wrong or could’ve done better. It is easy to blame other things for the cause but unless we face up to the things we also failed to do, then the future will be just a lie you are living.

I guess, like most people, we go through many stages which becomes a process. My process seems to take a lot longer than most. Take my wife for example, she has gone through things yet seems to bounce back extremely quickly. Whereas I need time to digest all the little things in my own time. That is just part of who I am, that is just something I have had to learn about myself. Of course knowing something and doing something about it are completely different things. But I am trying hard see all the aspects of my life I can improve, starting with consciously trying to work harder at appreciating everything I have and be grateful for my wife, family and whatever else comes my way, as happiness really is a full time job!

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