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Has the world lost its ability to wait for anything?

I have always prided myself on my level of patience in anything I do. I personally do not mind waiting for another person, be it at work or at home. But in comparison the thought that I am late for another person or someone is waiting for me just fills me with all kinds of negative feelings of guilt, concern and almost panic. I detest being late! It makes me feel physically ill!

But recently I have found my need for immediate responses on things has begun to border on the excessive. I started to wonder why after sending an email my inbox fails to immediately pop up with a response. The time I face during the sending and receiving has become quite a stressful time. But why is this?

I still remember writing letters to pen pals where days would turn to weeks and then the letter would arrive, as it should. But now in a world of immediate responses to every action we make is beginning to border on excessive compulsive disorder. We send a tweet and ten people re-tweet and a few ask you a question or comment on what you tweeted. We post an update on Facebook and immediately, although everyone is supposedly at work, it’s liked, disliked or commented on from all corners of the globe. God forbid a Google plus update takes more than a few seconds to be +1’d or shared again!

Instant communication the world has brought to our fingertips is a joy to behold. Where news stories are discussed amongst real people before the headlines hit CNN or the BBC, I personally think this is a positive thing. It’s away from corporate judgment and political sway so that real people can discuss the facts of a case first, before they are told how they should think.

Social media has created a window of honesty in the world and needs to be protected, but we, and I say that hoping I am not alone, need to hold on to the values of patience and let things take their natural course. Not everything should be immediate and we have all responded a little too quickly sometimes and wished we had paused for that one moment more.

So try and take your time on what you are doing today, after you LIKE and comment on this post this second that is! 😉

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