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If I believe in you, shouldn’t you believe in you?

Some days the clouds do not seem to move. They hang, almost in suspended animation above you. You peer into the milky whiteness and wonder what it would be like to touch. You see no silver lining, and the white turns grey the longer you look. If you are looking for a ray of sunshine to brighten your day, then stop looking up. Stop looking for the clouds to move on their own.

To move the clouds away from you takes a little effort from you to blow them across the sky. You must look within yourself, not up for help. You have been given all the elements you need to learn the lessons in front of you, to see light beyond the clouds and to not drown in the sorrow of rain. For after the rain comes a freshness and beauty that you know will happen.

So the next time the rain falls upon you, look up one last time and smile. Then look within yourself for new lessons learned and all the elements to ensure the rays of sunlight will radiate from within you, the way I know you can. If I believe in you, shouldn’t you believe in you? Have a creative day.

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