If only we looked at the world like children do

Last night I was posed a question from my six-year old daughter about God. Before I go on with this story I just want to make something clear between you and me, religion is not a subject I am comfortable talking about on any blog, forum or anywhere in fact because I believe religion to be a very personal thing which causes much strife in our world. But this is something that really put a smile on my face yesterday. Meena, my daughter, asked, “ Where does God live.” So I replied in the only way I knew how, “In heaven waiting for all the good people in our world.” I realized my mistake the moment the words left my mouth, but like most men I always feel I need to add a little more information that is really required, or in this case I opened a door into a whole different world.

“So where do all the bad people go?” She asked. I became a little fidgety as I thought we would be discussing fluffy clouds and angels at this point but clearly something had sparked her curiosity. “Well,” I said trying to put it as delicately as possible, “They go to hell where the devil lives.” Clearly I had not learnt from my earlier mistake and opened another door down rather than a ladder back into the fluffy clouds area! The conversation went back and forth like this with me saying how bad the devil was and was desperately trying to keep the topic on a six-year old platform without descending into fires that rage through eternity, pain and torture etc. Obviously!

On the note of the Devil being bad she paused a little and came back with a response that in all my years it had never even crossed my mind. “I think the Devil is a good person.” Came the words that clearly rattled me, “Why do you do you say that Meena?” literally dreading the next words I waited for what seemed like an eternity. She finally gave her reply of, “Well, the Devil takes away all the bad people so that we don’t have to see them in heaven, so isn’t the devil helping god and all of us?” I looked at her and what she said had actually made sense so I replied, “I guess you have a good point Meena.” After this I sat watching her and just thought how beautiful it is that a child can see the good in everything, especially when I was only thinking of the negative. My six-year old daughter taught me another lesson last night and I love her for it. Thank you Meena.

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