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If we appreciate the great potential of this life, we shall not waste it.

The second hand swings mercilessly forward, never faster, never slower, just constant. Each second crashing through time as we watch and wonder why we are here. But life is not a spectator sport. It is one of participation and appreciation. Do not watch the seconds moving forward, for they will travel at a constant speed with you, or without you.

The seconds will turn into minutes, the minutes will turn into hours and so on. So what will you do with your time? I have wasted enough time watching the seconds and now the seconds feel as if they move faster than before, even though I know it is not a truth, but the feeling is real to me.

I will not waste another second. I will not waste another breath. I will race along life through fulfillment by trying what I always wondered if I could, and attempt what I always thought was possible. For only when I try will I know if I can, but at least I will live the potential of my life as no tragedy in life, is greater than potential going unfulfilled or untried. I will embrace failure along the way as I understand that each failure brings me closer to success and closer to understanding why I am here. Have a creative day.

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