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Inspiration takes many forms

Inspire me with a word or phrase and I am charged with passion with my next project. Inspire me with your kindness and heart, it will be mirrored in my actions as I move ahead. Inspire me in a way that takes away my breath and I will will forever burn brightly with motivation as I aspire to make such an impact on another soul in order to help them feel the way I do.

Inspiration comes in so many shapes and forms that we often do not even understand all the reasons we are inspired. It could be a photograph, word, phrase, person and so many other things. Something that inspired me yesterday will not necessarily inspire me tomorrow, for with every inspirational item that is collected within our soul it transforms us and our view of the universe. This is why I try daily to keep an open mind, be accepting to all kinds or art and point of view. Because you do not need to understand nor be inspired for something to have a lasting effect on who you are. Often it is the smallest aspect of our world, a touch of kindness, the briefest of encounters that we look back on in our life as one of the most pivotal and monumental moments we faced. I hope today something inspires you or just makes you smile. Have a creative day.

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