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Is change in the world something we can really make?

This is a question I recently saw on Twitter whilst watching the comments about Egypt and the situation there. I can understand peoples pessimism but we have to look back at our, the worlds, history and see that you do not need to be a top scientist, president or student at Harvard to make a difference to the course of humanity.

I am a firm believer that one individual, no mater who or where you are can make a concerted change to the world. Every change we see starts from one person, one human being who decides to stand up against the tide of deceit or wrongs and say no. No I will not do or watch this happen anymore. The courage it takes is something I admire, the bravery to put everything on the line for something you believe is awe inspiring and that, that is what starts change. That is what shines a light for other people who are equally against something yet are unaware or fearful of speaking up.

Today I honor every human being that has stood up for any wrong, has stood up for those oppressed and has stood up for all the future generations that will look back on us and ask us, ‘why didn’t you help make this world a better place?’

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