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It may not make sense now, but it will one day.

Sometimes we stand on the edge of reason, peering into the abyss below and wonder where our next step will take us. Often we find at every turn our life fails to connect the dots that make up our passage leaving us floundering without understanding.

It is in these dark times we face that we must pause, pause and be in tune with the person we are now and have always been. We are not supposed to know every answer the universe throws up. We are not supposed to know why things happen the way they do. We are also not supposed to wonder why another person seems to move through life as though they are floating on water, whilst we seem to be waist deep and struggling at every step.

Do not concern yourself with those around you. Just try and understand who you are and what steps you can make in the future, for the past is gone and the present is merely a fleeting moment that, whether painful or triumphant, will be history very soon. With the highs must come the lows so accept them with equal celebration, for without both you would not be the wonderful spirit that you are right now. Have a creative day.

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