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It’s not the years in your life, but the life in your years

How many things have you wished you did but never tried? How many moments did you stand on the edge of opportunity, only to step back away from the challenge? I know there are certain times in my life I wish I had been bolder. I wish I had the courage to do the things I wanted, regardless of what other people think.

So as I get older I realize what really is important is to do what your heart tells you. Do the things which you feel will make you happy. If they don’t fulfill you then you have lost nothing, in fact you have gained the knowledge and experience of something you don’t need to keep wondering if you would enjoy doing.

As you get older the years seem to get shorter, the days and months just become a blur. So it is vitally important that you do not float through life, just being carried along by responsibility, commitments and the day-to-day things in life we all have to do. As worthy as all of these are, and as difficult it is to even think of fitting in something else into your schedule, for you and for you alone, you must try the things in life you want to try. You may surprise yourself with what you really find in life that you love. Take a leap of faith today, good luck.

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