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Leave no room in your life for ‘what if’s’

A resolution to live the life I dream and a resolution to never shrink from fear of failure. If my insecurities surface I will face them with courage and heart. Be determined on my mission to fulfill any potential I may have. I will re-examine every ounce of my abilities so that I grow the positives and improve the negatives. I will learn from the lessons in the past and be sure that I am prepared to succeed through any trials that may and probably will come my way in the coming year.

This will be my year to try the things I always dreamed about. The ones that I keep locked away in my mind, just for me. Well it is time to throw back the curtain of shyness and express every ambition and at the very least, give it a try. For when the final curtain falls I will look back and know; I tried, I lived and I left no room for final thoughts of “What if?”

Have a creative day!

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