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Let your potential burn bright

Our world being full of humans is like the universe being full of stars. Not every star glows as brightly as the other, yet each is so full of potential that they illuminate the space around them. Whatever orbits these stars will be affected by the gravity of personality. Some stars though have a cloud of haze and fog that surounds their beauty. A self made cloak that shields them from prying eyes. Outside influences try and remove the clouds yet the dust settles around the star again after a while leaving a potential bright star in a cloudy fog. It is almost as if the star wishes to be invisible. But every star should know that if you remove this mist that surrounds you, and ignore the negative emotions that force this seclusion, a brighter, happier star will be seen by the entire universe, in all it’s natural glory.

For the potential is there to be happy, yet we all allow our insecurities and failures to sweep around us as if it will help, when all it does is grow an atmosphere beneath of resentment and bitterness. Blow away the clouds, reach out to the universe, try and fail at things you always wanted to do, you never know what you may find out about yourself. No matter where you are in your life a star can always still burn brighter than before and help others realize their potential. For when the star collapses in it’s final spectacular goodbye, it scatters itself around the universe. Make sure what you leave behind is positive and encouraging for every new star that comes along. Have a creative day.

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