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Light the path for others and one day they will do the same for you

Can you beat the odds when they are stacked against you? Can you defeat the demons that you create? Can you be positive in the face of a negative sea that continues to sweep over you wave after wave? These are the circumstances we face in our daily life, these are the chains that hang around you dragging you deeper into despair. But you hold the keys to release the chains, you hold the answers to the puzzles of your mind, you hold the balance in your mind between moving forward, and sipping behind.

We have all slipped on occasions, we have all succumbed to the darkness that clouds our judgement and we have all considered that feeling of just giving up. But in that moment, that dark and desperate place do you not feel the light and warmth that fuels your inner soul to not give in? Do you not warm to the glow of confidence that, ‘yes, things are bad now, but they will improve.’ This is not a solitary state of mind that only you face, as we often believe, but every human being faces, probably more than they would like to admit. But if you can be the light for others, then the light you need when you face such a situation will come breaking through the mist and lift you to a higher place.

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