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Maybe I’m a Belieber?

I recently read something that made me respect someone that to be honest was not a person I have before. Don’t get me wrong I think Justin Bieber is obviously talented and has shown some incredible ability to handle the unbelievable fame that has been thrust on such a young person. The collaborations with very well known established artists show that he really does have what it takes to be where he is. It’s just not my sort of music, that’s all. But recently in a show in Australia I saw something that made me think about the way I live my life.

On stage performing to thousands of adorning fans some fool decided to throw eggs at him on stage. It’s not the first time this has happened as he was previously hit with a water bottle whilst on stage as well. The thing that impressed me, was not only did he dodge every egg, but the fact he just continued to perform for the thousands of people who went to the show to see him. He could have easily focused on that one person and just walked away. But he didn’t, and for that he has my respect.

For me this was an amazing analogy of life. Do we focus on the single thing that isn’t going wrong? Or do we, like Justin Bieber, focus on the masses of great things in our world that we should be grateful for? Thank you Justin Bieber (words I thought I would never say!) a sixteen-year-old boy who has opened my eyes to how to live a life in this world. Don’t focus on the one or two negative influences in your life, step aside and just continue on your journey and you will reap the benefits for it. Respect where respect is due, Good luck to you Justin, and thank you.

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