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Never hold back in life

You get one shot. One chance in life to do the things you really dream you want to do. Never worry what others may think, if they mock or jests about what you do, then they are people that do not matter in your life. If they support and praise you in your actions, then be happy you have the right kind of people in your life.

We all do this. We all question time and again what others may think of the things we do. We all know that life is short and at times we look back and wonder why we didn’t act at certain times throughout our life. Sometimes you just need to be bold and make that leap of faith where dreams are possible. The worst possible outcome is that you realize it was not what you thought it was.

Look into your heart and pull out those dreams. Unlock the ideas that can bring you happiness, even if only for a short moment. Look back on your life and see the times you went for your dreams. Maybe they didn’t succeed, maybe they did. The important things is you know that in that moment you felt the thrill of doing what you wanted, reaching for the stars and putting the wind beneath your wings. Never hold back in life. never regret any decision you made as it was right for you in that moment. But most importantly, Do the things in life that bring you happiness, you deserve nothing less.

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