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Now that’s the way to deal with a problem

Advertising age is undoubtedly a forward thinking brand. And lets face it in with the kind of visitors, in the advertising and marketing world who always have an opinion about everything and anything, they really need to be on the ball. Recently their website faced problems, of which they didn’t know why, but they managed to quell the screaming masses with a lovely little message on their website.

It really is a great case study for any brand on how to deal with a problem online. With online marketing you cannot ignore things and expect people to accept the fact you are having problems. That is the equivalent of someone having personal problems at home and not functioning in the office. It is just unacceptable for any person, as we all have personal problems, and it’s certainly not acceptable for a brand.

Bravo! Advertising Age, a great brand that knows how to handle a problem in the face of a difficult situation and keeping your audience amused and informed.

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