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One day the mist will clear

Sometimes on my journey I am alone. Through the mist of life’s troubles come the rays of sunlight beautifully illustrated in light and beauty. Without the mist there would be no ray, not one as clearly defined. Not a ray that beckons on the ground in front of me, illuminating my next step. Without the mist it would be diffused and unclear, although bright and sunny I would, perhaps, not see the beauty and lose my way. I embrace the mist that has enveloped my life so many times.

But now when it comes I no longer stand petrified with concern and a fragile state of mind. I am assured and focused that one day the mist will clear, and when it does I will appreciate the sun once more, more so than I did before. The mist is there to remind me to remain humble. To remain in touch with the world that is my beating heart, the heart that is my soul. For when the light comes I feel closer to you every step I make. We are one and we share the mist even though you feel alone. I will see you in the ray of light, for you my dear, are my ray light, and you are the light that moves my very soul, that brightens up my every day. Today I see my light and I am forever grateful when you shine upon me. My mist for now is gone, and I do not fear your return. Have a creative day.

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