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Open your eyes, The change in your life could be right in front of you

We often get caught up in our own world and problems so much that we forget that life can really change in a split second. Take a look at what is happening in Egypt for example. Less than two weeks ago everything was as it has been for the past 30 years. But one spark, one moment a person reacted to an opportunity and it caused a ripple of effects that has created the situation we see now.

The same can easily happen to any individual. I do not believe in a pre-ordained destiny that we are only living through the motions. I believe were given a mind to choose the path we walk. I feel we are gifted with equal opportunities and problems that we need to experience and learn or take hold of and grow. We see it all the time that ordinary humans live are transformed over night by one simple action that they took after an opportunity arose in their path. The difference between them and us is not education, lifestyle or birthright. The difference is simply they were walking with their eyes open through life’s eternal garden of opportunity.

I know life can be painful. But wipe away the tears for they are only blurring the opportunities that lie in front of you today and tomorrow. All you have to do is open your heart and your eyes.

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