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Our minds are the stairways to our dreams

Although at times our minds have the capability to play tricks on us. Guiding us Un-mercilessly into darkened corners where our fears and darkest secrets lie, it also is a place that can lead us to every dream we could imagine. Such is the power of the mind that faith in something is often more powerful than any other emotion. This is not only clear with religion, but also with people in all kinds of cultures that believe in things that are not visible to the eye.

The balance of the mind is something we always try to balance, good against evil, right against wrong, trying or hiding are all just elements that in one split second mean we move closer or further away from our perceived goal. Your mind can take you to the darkest corners or the brightest peaks of our existence. It all depends on the driver and where you want your journey to take you. The journey will always be interesting and will learn things along the way, what you see along that path though is up to you. Have a creative day.

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