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People ignore design that ignores people

I believe this line is very true. Look at apple products for example and remember the first time you used one or just picked it up. It has a sense of feeling that it just fits perfectly. Or it works in a way that just feels comfortable and natural. That’s great design and often we take it for granted, but we very quickly will voice an opinion about something that doesn’t work. Things that do however are the ones that slip into our lives, our consciousness and become part of our routine, part of who we are.

Advertising is very similar. When an idea is based on a truth the work is believable and works. t speaks to us like an old friend, a mentor or the funny guy down the pub, depending on which brand it is. Bad advertising however, and lets face it there is a lot of it, is usually an idea that is contrived and unbelievable. I am not talking about exaggeration because a good idea exaggerated makes for a very compelling piece of work that is often memorable for the consumer as well as our peers within our industry. No, a contrived idea is one that is just not true. Try and look at a piece of advertising next time you are on the street or flicking through a magazine and see if you think the idea is based on a truth or is contrived. Have a creative day.

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