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People protect what they love

Jaques Cousteau said this quote, ‘People protect what they love’ and I believe he was probably talking about the natural world. I believe this to very true and those who consciously recycle today are the people who genuinely care for the future of this beautiful planet. Bt I also see this statement ringing true for us and our dreams. We protect them sometimes to the point of suffocating and smothering them. A dream remains a dream whilst it still floats around the corridors of your imagination.

It is in a dreams nature to find its way out into reality, but it is us who keep closing the doors. We can be the only thing between a dream remaining a dream and something becoming a reality. A dream can become a reality if we let go of all the fears that hold it back and instead we should build on the dream and leap into the world of possibilities. You do not only have a single dream in your life, you have many. If you don’t let any out then very soon the corridors in your mind will be blocked of unfulfilled dreams. So open the doors in your mind today and lets just see how many of those dreams can come true.

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